About Us

We have been breeding these puppies for over 9 years now. It really has been an amazing experience and it has also brought my family and I much closer. With the help of my family, we ensure that all of our puppies are well taken care of. These puppies are raised in our home and receive all the home training they need before they are ready to go. With our first few litters, we only dealt locally. But due to our good reputation and testimonials from people who got their pup from us, there was an increased pressure from people who couldn’t come for pickup but wanted one of our pups. It was up until the 3rd year we started doing deliveries. I am truly glad we embraced it.

It was not easy at first since we always loved to meet the new owners of our puppies before letting them go. After putting in much time and effort to raise them, I always wanted to ensure I would choose the right person who will take care of the pups just as well as we did or maybe even better. That is the reason why we screen anyone who is interested in getting our puppies. Even if we only deliver and might not get to meet, there are a lot of things you can find out from someone just by talking to them.

Over the years, not once have we made a bad decision in choosing a family for our puppies. I have always loved Australian shepherd , I had one as a child growing up, I called him “Best”. He was very much loved and will always be remembered. It is because of Best I breed today and I do not necessarily do it for the money but for the love of it. I know how awesome it was having best around. I want every child or family to be able to have the same experience as well. If you have any questions. Please feel free to get in touch and i will get back to you as soon as possible.